pure platinum  

pure platinum : sydney city, 2010

overall design concept of existing gentlemen’s club whole restaurant + bar interiors

Looking tired and worn Pure Platinum was required an overhaul. inochi's concept Platinum PT built on it's name bringing consistency to PP's identity – metallic paints, mirrored finishes, neon lights transformed the space into a modern, intriguing, sexy venue. Greeted by random neon lights create illusion and intrigue, drawing you up the stairwell into reception – transformed with gloss black and silver mirror strips. LED lighting recessed into the new faux crocodile matt black feature flooring on the stages highlight the dancers. On a low budget inochi refurbished PP into a sleek, reflective, luxurious venue with a touch of glamour!

  • lighting feature
  • dining area and dance podium
  • bar detailing
  • disco balls
  • banquet seating